Hello, music kakis, we are glad to announce that Muse Music Studio is finally here, it has been on our mind for quite awhile, and now, our dream has came true!

Whether you are here to jam, rehearse for shows, or intend to do some demo recording, we are more than happy and ready to serve you.

We have always thought this is just one little wishful thought, not something to be taken seriously, but one fine day, just out of the blue, we realized that not making this studio come alive will be a regret. We are achieving our dream one step at a time.

And to have you feeling at home in it makes the dream even more beautiful. So come, we would love to celebrate dreams, life, and of course music together with you!



A deposit of 50% of the booked session is required in order to secure your desired time slot. Deposit will be brought forward to final payment. A 24-hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling is much appreciated, failure to reschedule will result in nonrefundable deposits

Start/End time

Clients will be charged for scheduled time, early or late time can be accommodated. Session clock begins at a start time agreed by both parties after the engineer set up. A 5-minute grace time will be given beforehand before session charges is applied upon uninformed late arrival.


Payment is required upon completion of each session. Payment may be made by cash, personal or company check. Studio time is billed in hourly increment.


Any lost/damaged equipment by clients’ obvious negligence will be repaired or replaced at cost and billed accordingly However, please do inform the staff for assistance if any equipment is not functioning. The Muse Studio will not hold responsible for any loss and broken gear left behind

Food and Beverage

You may order from the beverage menu provided but food and drink must be kept away from the studio. The hall or kitchen is free to be used at clients’ convenience.

No Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises.

Music Studio In Action

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The Good Deal

1 hour Rm50

2 hours Rm100

3 hours Rm 145 (save Rm5)

4 hours Rm 190 (save Rm10)

5 hours Rm 235 (save Rm15)

6 hours Rm 280 (save Rm20)

7 hours Rm 325 (save Rm25)

8 hours Rm 370 (save Rm30)

9 hours Rm 415 (save Rm35)


The Oh My God Deal (for those who are good with number)

10 hours Rm   400 (save Rm100)

20 hours Rm   800 (save Rm200)

30 hours Rm 1200 (save Rm300)



– Mackie CFX 16 MK2



– Realsound UK Speaker – 4 units



  1. Guitar Amp (Electric) – Line 6 Spider IV
  2. Guitar Amp (Electric – Laney Ironheart IRT60H Head, with 2 x 12 cab
  3. Guitar Amp (Acoustic) – AER Alpha Plus
  4. Bass Amp – Hartke Hydrive 112C



  1. Keyboard 1 – Kurzweil SP76 (Piano Touch)
  2. Keyboard 2 – Yamaha PSR E 423
  3. Guitar (Electric) – Squirel
  4. Guitar (Bass) – Cort
  5. Conga – LP
  6. Drum Set – Sonor Smart Force with Zildjian ZBT4 cymbal set
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