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Make Your Corporate Event Sizzle with A Live Band

Corporate events are often associated with formal, maybe even boring affairs. The reason being is that many events follow the same old agenda. Whether an event is held to award outstanding achievements, or perhaps it is a year-end Christmas party, the time has come to break away from the norm and create an event to be remembered by having The Muse Entertainment.

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Hosting A Unique Event

Adding a touch of music to any event will enhance the guests’ experience, allowing them to form unforgettable memories. In the case of corporate events, this allow employees to form a deeper connection with their company. Putting effort and energy into an event leaves a memorable impression on employees, and it will be kept deeply in their hearts. They will then feel appreciated, leading them in becoming more motivated to perform their job at their very best.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hire The Muse

We have listed a few important questions to consider before hiring The Muse Entertainment. This is because each and every event carries a different purpose. We want to service all your specific event needs to your utmost satisfaction.

1.Event Objective

What are you trying to accomplish with the event? Is it a networking platform for marketing teams to impress prospective clients? Is it a formal dinner where the culture and values of the company are showcased to employees?
Knowing the objective of the event will help us help you decide on the right kind of entertainment for the atmosphere you wish to create.

2.Number of People

The number of people attending is the next important aspect to consider. Will it be an intimate sit-down event? A large gathering that will fill up a ballroom?
The size of the crowd dictates the kind of band you should hire. For a smaller gathering, acoustic music may be a better fit. For a larger crowd, an upbeat band could be a better option.


Any talk of planning an event must also include a budget. We recommend deciding one’s budget based on the number of people attending and the event objective. This will give a fair idea of the entertainment you can hire.

For example, imagine you are hosting an event with a budget of RM 5000, which will be attended by 100 guests. This works out to RM 50 per person. This breakdown will clarify how much you can spend on food, drinks, and the live band.

4. Children

Having children at a corporate event can significantly alter the event dynamically. You will need to consider whether the live band will be suitable for the kids. You may even need to plan certain events that are centered around entertaining the children.
Whether or not kids are attending your event we can cater you the best, but is important to keep this aspect in mind when planning an event.

5.The Venue

Where you decide to host a corporate event is crucial to be considered before you hire a Corporate Live Band. The size of the venue will steer you towards choosing a band that is just right.

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the venue, the more energetic and louder the band should be. The smaller the venue, the smoother and more relaxing the music should be.

Get Creative With The Muse Entertainment.

There are many musical styles to choose from when hiring a live band. We have listed some popular musical choices that you can consider for your event.


Nothing spells sophistication like a jazz band. If you have a formal sit-down event, this type of band would be a great fit. The head honchos will certainly be impressed. A jazz band is versatile, they can play smooth jazz for smaller crowds, or increase the tempo for bigger crowds.


Imagine throwing an informal BBQ party for the employees, and for the entertainment you have a roaming band to serenade guests with their acoustic sounds. The ambiance created will be perfectly relaxing. An acoustic band can also be held for a formal dinner for small to medium-sized gathering.

Mariachi Band

Mariachi is perfect if you are thinking of an outdoor summer party for employees and their families. This type of band will provide the right kind of energy for a summer event, in addition to providing wholesome kid-friendly entertainment.

We often suggest that you spring this band as a surprise for your guests. Their expressions will be priceless, and not to mention all the fun they will have.

A Solo Musician

A solo artist such as a pianist can create a relaxing atmosphere. This music often works as ideal background noise. If the event objective is for employees to meet and greet, the unobtrusive music will certainly elevate people’s mood and make interactions both relaxed and meaningful.

Dance Band

The last item on our list is the dance band. This can be a lot of fun if you are thinking of a high energy event where the guests get on the dance floor. A dance band can also decrease the tempo and provide ambient music before and after guests tire themselves out from dancing.

Get The Best Corporate Live Band in Malaysia

Create a corporate event that is truly unique by adding a touch of music to it. The Muse has access to one of the best corporate bands as well as a top-notch wedding live bands in Malaysia.


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