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Jessy Goay

Jessy Goay


She was 8 years old.

Back then, during a reunion dinner held at grandma’s house.
She grabbed the mic, and sang without hesitation.
Never did she speculate that her life on the gleaming stage would stretch on from that moment onwards.

To her, music is a bridge, connects heart to heart,
and that’s what makes music beautiful.
LOVE vitalizes the rhythm of music, she claims.
Nothing will be more rewarding than witnessing how hearts are connected, comforted and healed through music.

During stage performance, she doesn’t just sing about herself, but also disclose herself in the little chit-chat intervals. As singing opens up the stage performance, talking complements the stage performance.

The way she sings in a lively way, and talks in a decent way, all wrapped up as a blessing to the newly-wed husband and wife to preserve their love that accomplishes each other.

There might be one day when she might not perform on the stage anymore. However, she will still dedicate the rest of her life, in singing, talking, and loving.


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